Vol. 42 Youth Weekly – “Why Have You Forsaken Me?”

Jesus said many things on the cross, but one of the most emotional phrases was when He said, “My God, My God. Why have You Forsaken Me?” (Mk. 15:34). What kind of anguish must He have been feeling in this time of great suffering? Not only was He scourged and beaten, but He was made to be sin in our place, which was completely undeserving for Him. It must have felt completely lonely on that cross, so it makes sense that He would feel confused here.

This is actually not the case, because Jesus knew exactly what He was doing when He said this phrase. Jesus was wanting the Jews at the time, and us today, to reach back to the 22nd Psalm where David is crying out in anguish. It starts off with this same phrase, and it continues on from there for 31 verses. The point that David is trying to get at in this psalm is that God does not actually forsake us when we are going through suffering.

In the first 18 verses of this passage we see the suffering of this servant and the kind of anguish that he must go through. It seems like God is not there for him, but that soon changes. Starting in verses 19-20 we see a cry of help for deliverance from David, and that cry is answered in verse 24 where it says that God heard the cries of the afflicted.

God heard the cries of David, and delivered him. God heard the cries of Jesus, and while Jesus was not delivered before death, He was delivered after death. In our times of suffering it can be so easy to wonder where God is and ask why He might be forsaking us? But we need to
remember that God will deliver us through our suffering just like He did with David and with Jesus. God does not forsake us in our suffering by any means, so now we need to ask ourselves if we will forsake God because of our suffering?

  • Adam M. Warnes

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