Vol. 43 Youth Weekly – When the Lord is at the Center

What happens if wives are subject to their husbands, but husbands abuse that power? What happens if husbands love their wives and care for them, but the wives are not in subjection to their husbands? What happens if children are obedient to their parents, but parents abuse that as well and make life miserable for the kid? And what about the other way around? This list can go on and on with no end. Throughout our life there are constantly going to be relationships in which someone is in authority, and someone else is in subjection. There are going to be various instances where you are either/or.

Sometimes you are going to be the parent put in charge of your kid. Sometimes you are going to be the worker that has a boss in higher authority than you. Sometimes you will be the husband of a wife, or a student of a teacher. I understand that many of you reading are probably students, children, and employees (After all, this is YOUTH weekly). Throughout the Bible we are constantly told to respect authority, and authority is taught to respect those who they have authority over. But again we’ve got to ask the question, what if one end of the group doesn’t obey this? What if the one who is under authority doesn’t want to listen? Or what if the one who has the authority flaunts their power? What do we do?

Colossians 3:17 says “Whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus…” Paul makes this statement then he continues on for the next several verses, even into chapter 4, and talks about the different relationships in our lives. He talks about husbands and wives, children and fathers, slaves and masters. Various relationships that involve someone in authority, and another in subjection. What is the constant focus in this though? We are constantly reminded that you keep your end of the bargain not because the other person is keeping theirs, but because of the Lord. Why do we obey anyone? Why would we be kind to anyone under us? It is simply because we fear the Lord, and because the Lord told us to do so. You see, relationships only work if the Lord is at the center of them. If the Lord is not at the center then relationships are going to be chaos. A beautiful relationship is one where both parties respect the others position, but unfortunately most times that does not happen. Often times one end of the party is not going to respect the Lord, but that doesn’t give you then an excuse to forget your responsibilities in the relationship. Remember that in the end, what you are doing is for the Lord! So keep Him at the core of your relationships even if everyone else does not.

  • Adam M. Warnes

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